Computer and Network Support

Troubleshoot and repair hardware and software issues, virus removal, data recovery.  Slow boots?  System hangs?  Driver problems?  We know what to do and what to look for.

Hard drive full and need more space? Add a new hard drive with data transfer from old drive to the new.

Data Backups / Restores -- Be prepared with a recovery plan should it be needed.

How about remote access for when you need to work away from your computer but still have access to it and all of your programs and data, secured and protected?


Website Design and Consulting

Advertise on the web. From simple websites to secure ecommerce sites, custom YouTube videos, blogs, and everything in-between.

Plan for future growth knowing what options are available to you.

Don’t wait until you are behind the times, or current systems fail, before you decide where you need to be to succeed in this technology driven world.


Education - Because learning is cool too!

Time to learn something new?

Robotics, Remote Control, Home Control?

Simple things like home automation, can be confusing when there are so many choices.  Each with its pluses and minuses.

Or does a flying quadcopter or plane with live camera feed sound more your style, and not looking for a toy solution?

This is where I have the most fun!


Sound interesting?

Like it or not, we exist in a Technology Driven World

More and more the ability to use technology is the difference between simply existing as a business and growing that business for the future.

No one is immune to the changes taking place in the world.

The question is, do we grow with the changes or stagnate as those around us grow.

Let me help you find the answers best suited for your businesses future growth.

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